EnMakkal Free Tuition Centre
        Enmakkal has set up a free tuition center at Thalavaipuram, near Madurai/Rajapalayam in Tamil Nadu. EnMakkal has appointed the staff and has took a rented tuition center. 
73 students from 3rd standard to 12th standard are getting benefited.

         Student's Criteria: - Poor students studying in Government schools with either or both parents not available. ID Card is provided to students. Based on the performance of students, Prizes will be awarded to them.

          Aim: To launch 10 Tuition centers in Tamil Nadu on the last quarter of 2020.

Next Immediate Plan:
1) Dinner at Tuition Center: Monthly Charge: ~ Rs.34,500/- (Rs.20 Per dinner per person)
2) Appointing permanent English language staff for 3rd to 8th standard students.
3) Providing Text books, Note books & stationeries.
4) Closely watch the improvements of students.

How are you educating the Future India? With the money donated,
1) EnMakkal is appointing staffs in schools/centers.
2) EnMakkal children 's are given with learning materials, Note books, stationeries etc.,
3) EnMakkal uses it to give away Prizes for good learning students.
4) EnMakkal uses it to buy practical materials.

How can you help?
1) Wish to teach during Weekends?
2) Wish to do one time help?
3) Wish to help every month?
4) Wish to provide any articles? [Learning materials, Stationeries, anything related to Students & Education]
5) Wish to organize any Events? [Marathon, Drawing competition, Dance, Songs etc.,]