About Us:
EnMakkal is a team of volunteers trying to Educate the needy students. Most of Indian Students those who are able to and Eager to learn are not getting proper learning materials and staffs. We are now identifying schools and homes like that and we are trying to provide them with good and standard knowledge.

If We dont do, Who else will do??

We studied in a nice school, We had good staffs. We had parents to guide us. But there are many, who doesn't have good staffs, and some even dont have parents. If we dont help them, then who else will do? 

We are now at this stage, at least standing in our own legs. We will be extending our help to our society as a team. We felt, to provide Rs.100/- every month, we need not be rich. So the team is built and is now Marching towards the aim.

Our Inspiration:
India Sudar Educational and Charitable Trust is registered as non-governmental, non-religious and non-profitable social welfareorganization established by IT Professionals. This organizationsincerely works for the education of orphan and poor children. Weare helping the cause of Primary Education in Tamilnadu,Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Pondicherry and Kerala. India Sudar isa registered Trust and is audited by the Govt. of India(Registrar Number: 454/2004). The donations to India Sudar areexempted from Tax under sec.80G.Vision : Developing a powerful India by providing EducationWeb: www.indiasudar.org & indiasudar.wordpress.com 1 Educational and Charitable Trust, 5 India Sudar Teams, 360Inida Sudar Members, 4 state(TN, KA, AP, KL) & 1 UT(PY), 42Onsite, 13 Partner organizations, 122 Project implemented, 6,806students benefited, 11,42,993 Rs expensed for projects.